JUPITER PRESTIGE LtD. is positioned as an international project team that turns mature ideas and dreams into reality. We have business units in California, Nevada, Arizona, and Washington, USA with partners in Germany, Mexico, and India. Our 36 year mission has been the continued promotion, development and deployment of demonstration projects that introduce renewable and sustainable technologies that are in long-term partnership with our Planet. Ecological design incorporating solar energy systems and regenerative technologies is the basis of our work. Our team of sustainable and green designers, architects and engineers provide solutions to virtually any agricultural, architectural, or technological problem.
Picture: Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation Tower:
2007-2009, Perkins and Will, Architects. We designed the building integrated wind and PV systems. The building (now completed) is powered by 24 wind turbines within ducted shrouds, and 250 KW of PV panels leading to Platinum LEED certification. Project completion 2011.

Our international eco-design and development team creates, develops and markets environmentally sound and affordable buildings. These highly efficient buildings are energy conserving utilizing the European Passiv Haus efficiency standard. The exterior of the building harnesses renewable energy. In many cases our buildings generate more energy than they utilize. We coin this Energy Net-Positive which means that they go beyond just being Energy Net -Zero. Excess energy can power the common loads, charge electric vehicles, make ice, or the energy may be exported to the local power company. In coordination with major architectural firms we also design and build new buildings and high-rises. These new green buildings called a "Solartecture" are energy integrated and may come with their own wastewater infrastructure. Some of our buildings include bioshelters and aeroponic greenhouses which grow large amounts of food while generating water and energy from the power roofs.

  • Utilize shading to reduce sun’s heat
  • Pinwheel design
  • maximum exterior light penetration
  • reduction of solar gain

SF PUC Administration building 2006 - 2007. KMD | Stevens Architects.
design of the wind energy systems tower and PV with ARUP engineers.
The building is powered by wind turbines and solar PV systems. The building is
Gold LEED certified.
Design: Reinhold Ziegler, Synergy California
with over 30 years of working experience in regenerative and renewable energy systems, presents breakthrough technology suitable for installation and within, most existing buildings and presents a new design initiative for all future buildings, incorporating:
  • Building Integrated Solar PV and Evacuated-tube hot water systems.
  • Building Integrated Stirling engine microturbine generators:
  • and other distributive energy assets and storage devices.
  • We call this new energy architecture: SOLARTECTURE